Web Stats

It’s really amazing how far we’ve come with our understanding of the Internet.

At first, we simply just visited our favorite web sites, without a care in the world who else was actually visiting it. Nowadays? It’s quite the opposite.

Today’s sites feed off of hot buzz and millions of clicks. While we never really noticed back then how many people were visiting a site, the web masters behind the scenes knew exactly how many of us were enjoying our cyber pleasures. Back then, I bet most would’ve thought it was unthinkable for us to have access to such information.

Well, times have changed. That information is readily available for any citizen to have. If they want to see how much traffic they’re creating with their own personal blog, the blogosphere will happily provide them with the figures. It’s quite stunning sometimes to look at the numbers and know the influence you are having.

But that brings me to another point: how meaningful are each of these hits? I mean, they can most certainly vary in length. Someone might only be on for mere seconds before leaving, or they may be on it for hours to read one of your longer posts. Can we distinguish those two visits?

That’s why hits are great and all, but you really need to dig deeper and see the average amount of time someone is spending on your site. Don’t get me wrong, creating any type of traffic is great, but if that traffic is gone quickly, then you’re not truly engaging your audience with information.


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