Ya know, I know how our first-time lecturer felt this week.

When I first checked out a Nikon for 2150 to go do my Seeing Red project, I was a little lost. I’m a broadcast major, so needless to say, I’m a little more apt at capturing motion by recording than snapping a photo. 

I don’t think many people really know how much really goes into taking a good photo. Some think it’s just being in the right place at the right time, keeping your camera still, and snapping at the right moment. That’s way too simplistic of a view.

How about knowing when to adjust your aperture? Maybe your ISO? Perhaps the F-stop? 

Yeah. I knew none of that. 

It’s safe to say that I have become more familiar with these settings, and in turn, become a better photographer. But I am nowhere near calling myself good at it. I think it’s definitely something that you can only get better by going out there and snapping away. You don’t realize how many photos you’ll end up taking, and then not even using.

It’s all necessary though. As our lecturer said, your framing really begins to improve as you go on. You start to get your Rule of Thirds down, which is a little frustrating to think of at first. For your whole life, you are always taught to center everything to make it easier on the eyes. I couldn’t get over that, but the Rule of Thirds definitely makes it look better.

All in all, I’m sure there will be many more lectures for our lecturer to improve. And as he said on Monday, there will be many opportunities for us to become better photographers. Just go out there and shoot away. 


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