The Sound and The Beauty

This past week, while we were doing our audio section, I started to really think about how what we hear can shape a story. Do you ever realize the true power of a sound?

Think about it. Sure, we always think we need to see our setting, to visualize where we are at. Sometimes, we may even think our vision is the only thing we need to know.

I’ll challenge you on that. 

Yeah, you can walk into a stadium and see you’re in one. But what confirms it? The sounds. You hear the roaring chants of a packed house. You hear the screams and barks of the coaches on the sideline. You hear the blaring music over the loud speakers, pumping everybody up. Events are made by sound, not what you see. 

Every pump of a beat at a concert, every clap in an arena sends a frequency through your heart. Your heartbeat may even adjust to whatever beat is going at the time. But that’s not even the whole gist of it. 

I think the sounds that make the best audio stories have to be the most subtle ones. When you know a storm is coming, and you hear just the slow chime of your bells outside from the wind picking up, that sets a scene better than anything. 

How do you know you just got home? The slow creak of the door opening. Sounds like that are small, but all of them add up to form a library of the places you know. Each location you go to often, you stock away a volume of sounds that you associate with it. It’s kind of like every other sense, but with one little caveat: hearing is our main force of interaction. 

So when a story can be told sufficiently through audio, I think you are hitting the best form of interaction there is. Audio really hits all of your emotions, and sound gives you an instant feeling more than anything else.

Sound: the best way to attack anybody’s emotions. 


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